In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Have Confidence in Me.”

Messy handwriting, spilled coffee all over the place, candle light is dying and I´m trying to finish my French essay. I´ve always adored learning languages but this time is different. I´m struggling really badly with my first draft on L´Avare. But, suddenly, I remember that I´ve pulled off much harder things such as my Math final on which I got 100%. I´m starting to believe that I can finish this and in a blink of an eye…BOOM! It´s done! Just a little bit of faith and everything is easy(ish).


A bit of introduction

I started this blog because I need to practice my English and this seems like perfect way to get better. This means that my writing is not going to be always correct, my apologies. Anyway, I would like to make your day a little bit brighter or more thoughtful.